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Conveniently located in Southwest Lansing, Village is less than one mile from abundant shopping, great dining, movie theaters, quiet city parks, and public transportation.  Utilizing the closely located highways, we are only minutes from premier shopping malls, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, and downtown Lansing. The award winning grounds of Village Townhouses are lavishly landscaped with mature trees, a wealth of flowers and manicured shrubbery.  You'll discover a private community of professionally managed town homes that you will be proud to call home.  If a quiet, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere are what you're looking for in your next home, look no further…

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October 23, 2017 Board Meeting

Halloween 10-31-17


Open Windows and Doors:
  When the temperature falls below 40 degrees, all windows and doors are to be kept closed.  Windows or doors maybe open 2 to 4 inches for air flow needed for short periods of time only.  Please help conserve energy by being responsible.

Exterior Hose:
  If you have a garden hose, please disconnect and store the hose properly by 10-31-17.  Hoses need to be disconnected to help prevent the water lines from freezing and rupturing.  Any damage caused due to hoses not being disconnected will be charged back to the member.

Feeding Animals:
  Reminder to the members that you can only feed the birds in approved bird feeders.  Please do not put food out on the property or under trees as it can be a health and safety issue to the membership.  If anyone wants to feed the wild animals it has to be off the Village property.

Help! No Heat/Furnace Maintenance:
  With colder weather approaching, we would like to remind you taht it is considered a maintenance emergency if you have no heat when the temperature is below 50 degrees.  If you find yourself in this situation after hours, weekends, and holidays, call the maintenance emergency number at 517-202-7820 and the staff will respond as soon as possible.  Also, if you suspect you have a furnace problem, don’t wait or it to become an emergency.  Call the office to schedule a maintenance check.  
Ready or not, winterwill be upon us.  In preparation for colder weather, please try turning on your thermostat early in the month and make sure your system is functioning properly.  Remember that the first time the furnace comes on; you may experience a “funny” smell from the dust.  If you have any problems, call the office immediately.

Newsletter Info

The Village newsletter is being published by office staff rather than sending the newsletter to outside sources to be printed.  The newsletter will be available at the office, at an outside box located near the drop box as well as by e-mail.  If you would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail, click on this link to have your e-mail address added (or removed) to our list (your e-mail address will not be given to anyone for any use other than for Village to e-mail you your newsletter).  The newsletters will also be available here.

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